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Revolutionizing Roof Leak Detection

No-Puncture Roof Diagnostics is a Canadian company that has developed an innovative technology for monitoring moisture in low slope roof systems. Our patent-pending technology is simple to use and understand, providing visual notifications of hidden wet insulation problems. Our main goal is to help our clients save thousands in roof repairs and extend the roof's life performance. We are committed to offering premium products that are easy to install and operate.

No-Puncture Roof Sensor

• Can help save thousands in roof repair with visual notification of hidden wet insulation problems.

• Can help extend the roof life performance.

• Protection for: building owners, managers, roof consultants, specifiers & inspectors.

• Minimal cost/high value addition to roof

• Minimize equipment down time and production losses.

• Performs 24/7 with no monitoring fees.


How the No-Puncture Sensor Works

• No batteries or electronics required for the sensor to function.

• Senses wet or damp insulation.

• Works through magnetic coupling the insulation moisture status below the sealed membrane to the No-Puncture indicator above the membrane


2-Ply SBS

Installing the No-Puncture Sensor

Quick to install ( less then 5 mins to install)

• Install on EPDM, TPO, PVC and 2-ply SBS roofs.

• Install at high risk leakage locations including roof curbs, walls, drains, pipes and electrical conduit, and other rooftop projections.

• Two product versions of the No-Puncture sensor

      - The Long Reach Sensor (1" to 7")

      - The Short Reach Sensor (½" to 1")


2-Ply SBS

Roof Damage Simulation Time lapse
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